Post 1. School

In a year or two – or ten – you know what would be neat? Having a journal of these awkward student times. It might serve as a useful record of days that will be forgotten all-too-soon once I’m in the daily grind of my future job (<–fingers crossed).

Humans have a tendency to gloss over the past, rendering it insignificant once we’re older and wiser. This blog will remind future-me of all the “firsts” encountered in school and beyond, and bring me down to size once I think I’m hot stuff and all.

I also want to hollow out a little space in the Internet meadows to muse on the status of healthcare and nursing in Canada, particularly the role of LPNs, who sometimes don’t get a lotta respect – hence the blog name. Used ironically.

Actually, the record is already incomplete. This week I begin Level 3 of the practical nursing program (Mental Health and Maternity). So in Levels 1 -2 (Geriatrics) I have already learned the words to such well-loved standards as:

My finger (your arsehole)

The ballad of the exploding enema

Baby, can you name that pill?

Roll out the condom catheter

The what-what goes in the where-now?

And many more!

Stay tuned.

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